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Only a handful of super-rich can afford the luxury and indulgence of owning a real racing car, private airplane, helicopter, yacht and so on. More than simply the acquisition cost of such items, the combined costs of storage, maintenance, insurance, fuel and so on are truly astronomical.

RC model toys provide a way for people of even modest means to enjoy the thrills of owning and operating an entire collection of exotic vehicles.

RC ("radio-controlled" or "remote control") toys are not only affordable, they are also much safer than their full-size counterparts. No matter how daredevil your style, your risk of injury is vastly reduced, we think you'll agree.

But it's more than just the "joys of toys," the pure pleasure of having fun at such a gut level. There are also important health benefits. Soaring to new heights, leaving your cares in the dust, losing yourself in the pursuit of fantasy -- this is indeed a kind of meditation in motion, as good for the body as it is for the soul.

And, oh, by the way: let's not forget that RC toys are also a great gift idea, for friends and family members of all ages, anywhere!

This is an excellent way to bring the family together, for "quality time" out-of-doors, away from video games that isolate, computer monitors that tire the eyes and the mice & keyboards with their risk of repetitive strain injuries and Carpal Tunnel Symdrome. Venture out together into the Great Outdoors, for some fun that is at the same time old-fashioned and high-tech. This is the stuff of which the fondest family memories are made.

Science teachers will speak to the benefits of illustrating principles of physics and aerodynamics, to stimulate young minds in the right directions.

Treat yourself to what you always wanted. What other gift could you give, to yourself or someone else, with so many benefits? Enjoy yourself now as you explore the collections, painstakingly culled from all the best providers of RC model toys.

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