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Featured Item: MONSOON 1/8 Off-Road Truggy. With its super-wide stance, the MONSOON XP will outperform most other 1/8 truggies with ease. A powerful .28 SH P3 engine, tuned exhaust & slide carburetor make this car a beast to be reckoned with on and off the track. Click here for more info.

... to RC Toy Universe, where RC stands for both "radio-controlled" and "remote control." Here you will find a collection of the very best RC models in a wide range of categories from all over the world. Select a category from the navigational menu to the left. Scroll down and click on whichever item is of interest to you. The item will open in a new window, at the individual provider's website. After you've completed your examination or purchase, minimize or close that window and continue browsing here. We've got lots for you to see and enjoy, just by reading and looking at the pictures.

People of even modest means
can enjoy the thrills of owning an entire collection of exotic vehicles.
RC toys are not just affordable:
they are also much safer than their full-size counterparts!
Meditation in motion
is one way of describing the RC model toy experience.
Health benefits accrue
to users of RC models, good for the body as for the soul.
What a great gift idea
for friends & family members of all ages.
Science teachers speak
about stimulating young minds in the right directions.
Bring the family together
for "quality time" outdoors, to make beautiful memories.